Independent Specialty Gas Producer for Custom Gas & Liquid Calibration Standards

Specialty Gas Distribution &
Handling Equpiment

Specialty Gas Equipment & Cylinder Handling

CSI Gas LLC carries a complete line of gas distribution equipment used for a myriad of specialty and industrial gas or liquid applications.

We are a proud distributor of Harris Specialty Gas products and CONCOA Precision Controls.


Single and Dual Stage Regulators

  • Brass
  • Stainless
  • Specialty Coated for Corrosive applications

Switchover systems

  • Brass
  • Stainless
  • Shut off Valves, Pigtails, T-Purge system

Disposable cylinder regulators

  • Typically C-10 Connection


  • SS Braided
  • Armored

CGA Fittings

  • Brass and Stainless Steel

Distribution Panels

  • Multiple regulators and valves systems available

Cylinder Gas Heating Blankets (Various Sizes)


Cutsom Cylinder Racks

CSI Gas can provide cylinder handling equipment such as cylinder stands, carts, racks and custom designed cylinders racks with switchover systems or regulators mounted.

Please reach out with your specific application and let us provide you with a solution for your cylinder gas distribution needs!

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