Independent Specialty Gas Producer for Custom Gas & Liquid Calibration Standards

Core Products

Custom Calibration Standards

CSI Gas can develop and safely manufacture custom mixtures to satisfy our customer’s needs for any application using analytical applications that require specific formulations of components.

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Environmental & Utilities Standards

CSI Gas can provide many different gas pollution standards which are required to complete calibrations for your specific instrument or sensor.

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Sulfur Standards

CSI Gas is well versed in the manufacture of sulfur standards and have proven our proprietary methods to be unequaled in accuracy and complexity

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Disposable & Refillable Standards

CSI Gas can provide a custom blend of industry mixtures that offer cost effective solutions and adheres to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) specifications.

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Refining & Petrochemical Standards

CSI Gas can provide standards in liquid or gaseous matrix, which are used specifically in refinery and petro chemical applications.

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Pipeline Standards

From reference material utilized for calibration of instruments providing the calorific value for financial value of product, to sulfur speciation, to LPG mixtures, CSI Gas can provide your team with a specific mixture for your application.

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Piston Standards

CSI Gas can manufacture method based or custom liquid mixtures in a constant pressure cylinder for your specific application.

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Bulk & Pure Hydrocarbon Products

CSI Gas LLC can provide high purity hydrocarbons in the refrigerant, pharmaceutical, industrial, electronics, and agricultural industries to satisfy your business needs.

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