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Custom Calibrations

Custom Calibration

With many various forms of analytical applications that require specific formulations of components, CSI Gas is here to help develop and safely manufacture custom mixtures to satisfy our customer’s needs for any application.

Our custom calibration standards are manufactured using industry leading production equipment, techniques, and state of the art instrumentation. Each order is specific to a customer from beginning to end. Every mixture is calculated to ensure maximized volume and pressure giving the customer more value per analysis. Recommended cylinders for each mixture is provided unless a customer has stated their necessary cylinder size, we offer a variety of sizes

Our gravimetric filling systems include custom blend manifolds and scientific scales with sensitivity down to one ten thousandths of a gram. Scales are routinely qualified daily, certified and calibrated annually with calibration weights traceable to US-NIST by an accredited service group. Specialty gas mixtures are analyzed using proven, state of the art instrumentation to confirm the blended components accuracy to pre mixture internal calculations and meet all quality product specifications.

CSI Gas uses the highest quality raw chemicals to obtain consistent results, to prevent potential for reactions, and eliminates impurities that are not of the customer’s interest. Proprietary cylinder passivation is utilized in our pre-production process to ensure stability in reactive specialty gas mixtures. Cylinder preparation is specific to each mixture and is executed for each cylinder in which the intended mixture will be filled.

We are constantly striving for absolute perfection in our filling process while also adhering to scientifically and industry proven techniques. Our quality process and procedures followed for each mixture that moves through our system allows us to provide consistent and accurate results.

Every specialty gas mixture manufactured by our team is a piece of our commitment to being the best quality specialty gas supplier in the market. We pride ourselves on being a customer driven operation while being quicker and more agile than the larger specialty gas providers.

Recommended Cylinders Sizes

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