Independent Specialty Gas Producer for Custom Gas & Liquid Calibration Standards


About CSI Gas

CSI Gas LLC is an independent specialty gas producer and manufacturer of custom gas and liquid calibration standards. We have over 60 years of combined experience serving the needs of the domestic/international petrochemical, chemical, refining, environmental, pipeline, LNG and laboratory clientele. We deliver complete customer satisfaction through our top-quality specialized products and unmatched customer service while providing cost-effective pricing and lead times.

With our ability to offer specialty gases, specialty gas equipment, bulk Hydrocarbons, high-purity pure gases, while offering engineered solutions and gas usage reduction programs, CSI Gas sets itself apart as the quality supplier of choice. Our expertise and understanding of the chemistry and analytical practices involved with manufacturing specialty gases has allowed CSI Gas to earn a great deal of trust from its Partners.

Areas we Serve

CSI Gas, LLC has several locations to service your specialty gas needs. With locations in Texas City, TX; Sulphur, LA; Prairieville, LA; and Castle Rock, CO, we ship worldwide and are ready to serve you in any capacity at any time.

Our Capabilites

The below capabilities allow each user or purchaser to reduce product cost; eliminate ancillary charges such as Rental, Hazmat and Fuel Surcharge fees; reduce expedite fees; reduce FEDEX and shipping fees; reduce lead times on product orders; and capture more gas volume use through CSI Gases Pulsa Gas Pressure Monitoring Program.

  • Gas phase and liquid phase mixtures
  • BTU Standards, Flare Standards, RGA Standards
  • Cylinder Tracking and Inventory Management Programs
  • Shortest lead times in the industry
  • No charge for additional Certs and SDS sheets along with all cylinder information needed
  • No charge for Fuel Surcharge
  • Consistency in analysis and consistency in repeatability of calibration mixtures
  • Protocol and CEMS Standards
  • Primary Standard, Certified Standard, Custom Standard, Gravimetric only Certified Standard
  • CSI Gas Pulsa Gas Pressure Monitoring Program
  • Dock Stock Program on high use mixtures and long lead time reactive mixtures
  • No charge for Hazmat
  • Available 24/7 365 days/year

Our Capabilites

We believe in working closely with our Partners and go out of our way to address all concerns and questions pertaining to specialty gas mixtures and specialty gas applications. By working together to understand all the needs and desires of each Partner, CSI Gas will establish an in-house “Port Folio” of all mixtures and requirements for each operation and location.

The Folio also list usage rates, volumes, pressures, and the Dewpoint of each mixture. Knowing the desired accuracy for each mixture. Whether it is a Primary Mixture with a +/- 1% Analytical Accuracy or Certified Mixture with a +/- 2% Analytical Accuracy. A Custom Certified mixture or a Gravimetric only Certified mixture. The Folio helps eliminate errors when ordering a mixture at a time of need. Each mixture has an Item number associated with it to eliminate key stroke errors or simply entering the wrong information. If a mixture needs to be altered, we will note the date and time of the change. We can always return to the date, which the mixture was modified.

The Port Folio references:

  • the correct cylinder and valve,
  • the components of each mixture,
  • the concentration of each component,
  • the analytical and blend tolerances, and
  • the makeup whether it be a liquid or vapor and how it is produced and reported in Mole, Weight, or Volume %.

Product Guarantee

Process measurements and analyzer calibrations are key components for bottom-line success in the Industrial gas market. Our proprietary blending and analytical methods are designed to achieve safe, efficient, and consistently reliable standards without compromise. CSI Gas adheres to a multifaceted quality assurance program that embraces industry protocols, satisfies customer requirements, and strives for a high standard of accuracy, purity, and performance with the benefit of on time deliveries.

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