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Refining & Petrochemical Standards

Petro Chemical & Chemical

CSI Gas can provide standards in liquid or gaseous matrix, which are used specifically in refinery and petro chemical applications. Industrial production facilities are filled with various process analytical systems which require calibration for adherence to governmental and company specific quality control systems. Depending on the quality control process, each customer will need to procure standards consisting of components found in the product stream. The customers final end product’s range from typical refinery formulations, analyzed by a Refinery Gas Analyzer to custom, in-line process daily quality checks. CSI Gas partners directly with our customer to formulate these mixtures and produce in industry standard packages. We also provide support for large industrial facilities laboratory analytical process. Onsite process and environmental sample testing can be performed onsite in the customer’s own testing laboratory. Our customed tailored mixtures and method standards (i.e. ASTM) can provide any laboratory with absolute consistent results for calibrating laboratory instruments. Our wealth of knowledge and experience providing calibration gases for refinery and petro-chem applications sets us apart from the large chain gas suppliers.

Typical Standards

  • Process Standards
  • FCC Overhead
  • Ethylene/Propylene/Propane Standards
  • Butylenes
  • Butanes
  • Fuel Gas
  • Stack Gas
  • Off Gas From Desulphurization
  • Reformer Gas
  • BTU
  • Flare Gas (Refinery Sector Rule Mixtures)
  • Sulfur & Total Sulfur Standards
  • Total Nitrogen
  • Total Flourides
  • Low Level Oxygenates

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